Spring Time















Look at my clients from the Morehead City NBF Show! I would say Stephanie and Marlese  ROCKED the stage with gorgeous Competition Tans!  I love working at all the bodybuilding shows and I am available for YOUR next show! I have been busy getting all my brides/Vacationing clients/Bodybuilders/Pageant Girls and Spring Breakers ready for the upcoming CRAZY BUSY March/April!  I have one of my favorite Pageants coming up April 5-8th in Greenville, NC The Miss/Teen/Mrs International Pageant! I have had fantastic conversations with all the contestants that booked their pageant tans! WOOT!  Thank you to all who have booked me for April! Thank you to everyone who has trusted me with their tans! Call early to book me for your next pageant/bodybuilding show/wedding ect. Need a perfect tan? I provide both Mobile and Studio appointments and can do any skin tone without ANY orange color! Call 910-545-9237 to book your spot!